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Musclecare for Active Lifestyles

We believe that people who live active lifestyles are leaders in setting the standard for healthy living and desire personal care products that are free of toxins, chemicals and synthetic compounds, with functional benefits to help them achieve their personal goals, whether it is finishing a marathon for the first time, hiking with family and friends, or achieving a personal record. Each product contains powerful blends of botanical ingredients, rich in natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that combat common side effects of sport and exercise, such as, dry skin, muscle soreness, inflammation, blisters, bruises, fungus, smelly feet and more.

Founded by a U.S. Airman, SportVenom prides itself on strong ethics, community partnership, sustainability and effective, natural products. All items are handmade, packaged and shipped from our location in New York City, steps away from Central Park, where you'll find recreational and competitive athletes using our products. 

veteran owned business

Here are a few specific pain points with current products on the market:

  1. The nutritional and sport supplement industry is saturated with products designed to enhance performance, stimulate fat loss or promote muscle building, which neglects the preparation and recovery aspect of training, which is when real physiological change occurs.
  2. Most products on the market are "ingestible," which does not allow for localized application directly to the skin, muscles and joints. Dermal administration bypasses the need for supplements to be metabolized by the liver, allowing for quicker and more effective peripheral circulation. 
  3. Traditional sport creams focus primarily on pain relief, neglecting the preparation face of activity and are laden with artificial, unnatural, foul smelling and toxic ingredients, which is counterintuitive for people who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. 
  4. Skin is the largest organ in the body, yet it does not receive the care and attention that it needs, given the demands of sport and exercise. Taking care of the skin is just as important as taking care of the body. 

SportVenom products are:

                        • 100% natural
                        • Handmade
                        • Pleasant non-medicinal smell  
                        • Multifunctional
                        • Skin nourishing
                        • No artificial ingredients
                        • Cruelty free
                        • Vegetarian

SportVenom is a subsidiary of Viola Umbrella.