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Taper Crazies!

I've had the taper crazies for the last two weeks! Have you ever had them? Perhaps you were never properly diagnosed!  Tapering is the process of reducing training volume, frequency and intensity in the final weeks leading up to a race. The optimal length is 7 days to 3 weeks, depending on the distance of the race. Too short a taper will leave you feeling tired on race day, while tapering too long will lead to a loss of fitness, so it is important to maintain a proper balance. One would think that getting more rest would make you feel great, but the truth is tapering isn’t fun and most athletes dread it because of unfavorable side effects. Hence the...

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2017 Wyckoff - Franklin Lakes Triathlon

Last weekend, I competed in my first triathlon. Early weather forecasts predicted rain on Saturday morning, but fortunately it held off until noon. Though, it was extremely foggy and the race was delayed 10 minutes due to poor visibility on the lake, which created a safety concern. It certainly didn't help to calm my nerves, as I had only been swim training for a little more than a month. I arrived early, approximately 90 minutes before the first wave in order to give myself plenty of time to setup my transition area. Candidly, I left out many important pieces of preparation during my training (transition practice, open water swimming, wet suit comfort) and unfortunately, it showed during the race. People...

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Top Five Foot Problems for Runners

Blisters Causes: Rubbing and irritation of the skin, usually caused by running shoes that don’t fit properly or sweaty feet. Remedies: It’s best to leave them alone, but if it’s interfering with your running, you can drain the fluid in the blister by sterilizing a razor blade and using an antiseptic like alcohol to clean the surface area of the skin before making a small slit in the blister. Let the blister dry out and cover with gauze or a Band-Aid. Prevention: Make sure your shoes fit properly – it helps to go up ½ to 1 size larger than your normal shoes. Use a lubricant like Vaseline to cut down on the friction that causes blisters. Black Toenails (“runners...

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