Lovin’ Summer Runnin’

I usually preserve Saturday and Sunday for long distance training because it’s time consuming, logistically complicated and quite honestly, exhausting. To make the workouts interesting and fun, I try to incorporate different routes and locations because this helps keep me inspired and motivated during a long training season.

For instance, one of my favorite summer activities is running on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore. However, now that I live in NYC, it’s a little more convenient to visit the beaches on Long Island. Therefore, after doing some research I decided to take a trip to Robert Moses Beach, which connects to Fire Island, a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. Once I reached the Fire Island Lighthouse, it was easy to find the running trails.

Fire Island is unique in that there are no cars or paved roads and very few commercial establishments. Locals and visitors ride bicycles or walk around the charming and natural, barrier island with a laid back vibe. The peace and tranquility was a refreshing change from the loud, hustle of urban life in the city. My run took me through a variety of mixed terrain, including grass, gravel, pavement, sand and even seaweed!

To that end, it’s highly beneficial to get off the pavement every once in a while because running on soft and/or uneven surfaces stimulates different leg muscles, plus it’s great for core and stability work.

The only problem with running on the island was a lack of minor luxurious, like grocery stores to pick up a bottle of water in 90 degree heat. Preferably, I would grab a fresh coconut from a tree, but I didn’t find any of those either. Aside from slight dehydration, it was the most fun I’ve had on a run all year.

Afterword, I took a dip in the ocean and relaxed on the beach. I brought a bottle of Fly Feet with me, which was the perfect cleanser and revitalizer before the long train ride back to the city. I created his product for the feet, but it can be used anywhere on the body as an instant deodorizer and refresher. In fact, I sprayed it all over, which I am sure my fellow train passengers appreciated after a long day of sweat and sun!


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