Ironman Training Schedule

Training for an Ironman is extremely time consuming - it’s like having a second job.

Here’s what a typical week looks like for me right now: 

Monday: Rest/Stretch/Foam Roll

Tuesday: 45 Minute Swim AM / 60 Minute Run PM (Hard)

Wednesday: 60 Minute Bike AM / 45 Minute Weights + 30 Minute Swim PM (Easy) 

Thursday: 60 Minute Bike AM / 60 Minute Run PM (Hard)

Friday: 60 Minute Swim AM (Easy)

Saturday: 110 Minute Run AM / 45 Minute Weights PM (Hard) 

Sunday: 3-5 Hour Bike (Hard)

I try to alternate hard days and easy days, as well as AM and PM workouts to prevent overtraining. As you can see from the breakdown below, 70% of the training is biking and running because they make up the most volume in an Ironman race. 

Swim: 2.25 Hours (18%)

Run: 3.75 Hours (30%)

Bike: 5 Hours (40%) 

Weights: 1.5 Hours (12%)

Total: 12.5 Hours/Week


  • Derek

    Thank you Carlee!

  • Carlee Fischer

    That is some intense schedule! Good luck in Ironman!

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