Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

The Airbnb Brooklyn Half was amazing! I ran one of my best races ever and finished 585 out of 27,440 runners. The route was so much fun. We started in Prospect Park and finished on the iconic boardwalk of Coney Island. Approximately 30 minutes before the race started, I applied Muscle Tonic on my legs (calves, quads, hamstrings). I felt strong the entire race and my pace was extremely consistent. I started the race 20 seconds faster than my goal pace of 6:50 per mile (I wanted to break 1:30), but held it throughout the entire 13.1 miles. There were a few small hills in the beginning, but I kept an eye on my heart rate and slowed down accordingly. My legs felt fresh the entire race and I believe it was due to a properly executed taper the last 2 weeks and the Muscle Tonic, which helped reduce lactic acid build up. After crossing the finish line, I felt extremely emotional because I trained so hard over the last three months and the feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming, having finished with a time of 1:26:10, almost four minutes faster than my goal. I'm taking a short vacation to recover and relax, before resuming training for my first triathlon on June 17th. 


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