10 days until Ironman Lake Placid!

Six months of training complete. It has been a long journey. 

Swimming: 120,760 yards over 33 hours and 47 minutes

Biking: 1,884 miles over 123 hours and 56 minutes

Running: 667 miles over 85 hours and 34 minutes

In the snow, rain, heat, and cold.

Early mornings and late nights.

Tired, sore and fatigued.

Before work. After work.

Long weekends. No sleeping in.

Painful tempo, threshold and V02 Max intervals.

Missed social activities.

Limited sugar, processed food, alcohol and caffeine.

For one goal: To become an Ironman.

Last week capped the “peak” stage of my training and I finished it with two of my best workouts of the year.

The first was a 15 mile progressive run with no carbohydrates (this makes the run harder because your body has to use fat for fuel) 

and the second was a 60 mile bike ride with a 5 mile brick.

My face lit up when my watch told me that I achieved a new V02 Max of 61 and that I was “Peaking.” This is certainly ideal in the last stage before tapering for a race, but never guaranteed. It gave me a very big sigh of relief.

At this point, it’s all about rest and recovery, along with planning logistics, nutrition and race equipment, which is incredibly time consuming and difficult for a race of this size and magnitude. This week and next week are “Taper” weeks. Click here to read my post about tapering.

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  • Mrs D

    You are most DEF ready!!!

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